The professional team composing of teachers and educators from many universities in Thailand. Many Thai students in any area of the world call us for helping, consulting in writing thesis and dissertation for their graduate.
We search, rewrite, and paraphrase more than 30 dissertations base on many database from many university. Thesis Thailand team can help or guide you as we have now teamed up with the experts in many universities in Thailand.
Thesis Thailand team can help you in the following ways:

1. We help you searching many articles and rewrite.

2. We help you planning, formulating or designing the dissertation within the rapid time.

3. The thesis framework we can develop from many review of literature, so for your work we carefully for this heart of project.

4. We develop questionnaires, translate into Thai, pre-test, survey & data collection in many areas in Thailand, base on your budget and time.

5. Our team also organize field visits and facilitate interviews with key info rmants including range of people depending on the population.

6. We help you compile and analyze data by using statistical software.

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